A Look at the Global Dairy Industry with DeLaval President and CEO

Joakim Rosengren shares his thoughts about milking technology and the importance of offering dairy farmers sustainable solutions.

At the unveiling of the robotic visitors center at Indiana’s Fair Oaks Farms in November of last year, DeLaval President and CEO Joakim Rosengren sat down for an interview with Karen Lee of Progressive Dairy. He shared with her his thoughts on what’s driving the development of milking technology.

“Efficiency, animal welfare and cow longevity are driving forces in the development of today’s milking equipment. Milking technology is moving rather rapidly in that direction,” Joakim said.

He also noted that robotic milking is one example of enhancing productivity and improving yield while incorporating efficiency and welfare. However, the farm’s management is just as important as the equipment.

His biggest concerns for the global dairy industry are environmental liabilities, huge inefficiencies and poor animal welfare situations. For almost a decade, Joakim said that sustainability has been central to the company mission.

“Dairy, as a food item, has so many advantages and so many nutrients. It’s so important for the future of feeding the population of this globe that we need to [harvest it] in a smart way, and we need to do that in a better way into the future than in the past,” he said.

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