VMS Training Empowers Robotic Operators

Switching from conventional milking to robotic milking is a big shift for many dairy producers. To aid their success, DeLaval developed the Robotic Operators Training program for new VMS™ operators, dairy managers and dealer sales people.

The goal of Robotic Operators Training is to educate people on the repair, maintenance, and management of DeLaval VMS V300 robots. The training promotes hands-on experience, an open forum for Q&A, and opportunities for producers to connect.

In early March, a group of about 10 people attended the Robotic Operators Training at the DeLaval office in Kansas City, Missouri – home to a state-of-the-art VMS V300 Training Center. Participants heard presentations about DelPro™ Farm Manager and VMS management, including feeding, milk quality and work routines. There were a lot of opportunities for attendees to ask questions and learn from the experience of other attendees.

“The participants did a great job sharing their experiences and learning from each other,” said presenter John Gerbitz, Dairy Advisor, Farm Management Solutions. “The discussion and learning from each other is an important part of the class.”

For part of the training, the class was split into two to keep working groups small. One group worked with DelPro while the other worked directly with the robots. Learning and working on the robots included opportunities to perform hands-on normal adjustments and light maintenance tasks. Participants learned how to take apart, replace, and put back together the milk pump, milk valves, ACR rope and piston, and end effector. Attendees also learned how to set cup positions and adjust take-off ropes.

“It was really nice to see the camaraderie that developed between many in this group,” said class trainer Chris Holton, AMS System Specialist.

Brittany Core, Dairy Advisor, Farm Management Solutions and involved training the class, noted, “Many of the participants made connections with other producers that will continue beyond the class as they were adding each other on Facebook and sharing contact information.” She continued, “I always look forward to crossing paths with previous participants in the course as they usually mention something they implemented after the course that helped to improve the operation of their VMS.”

The global pandemic of the coronavirus is understandably limiting travel, so DeLaval is currently considering new ways to train and educate VMS operators with webinars and virtual meeting tools. Additionally, the company supports dealers working with robotic farmers by using its capabilities to remote-in to address questions. DeLaval has resources and experience to support your dealer and help you make the right management decisions for your farm.

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