Making the most of your investment in robotics

By: Muhieddine Labban

One of the first DeLaval milking robots installed in North America is still running, more than 16 years later.

It has delivered more than 15 million kilograms of milk, running on average 20 to 22 hours each day. It’s still running smoothly and is on track to reach its one millionth milking this summer.

The robot’s original hardware has been in place since 2001 when it was first installed. Since then, a few updates have been made, and regular maintenance has kept it running like new.

DeLaval has always worked hard to find innovative ways to make dairy farming a better life for customers and their families. Today, we’re bringing the world’s most advanced robots to a new generation of dairy operators.

Did you know?

  • A tractor usually runs for about 10 years, and the busy ones will be used 8 hours per day. If the tractor was to be in use for as many hours as a VMS™, it would take 40 years before it would meet the same productivity as the robot.
  • A car would need to drive 5 million miles at 42 miles per hour to meet the capacity of a VMS in full operation. That’s the equivalent of driving around the world 205 times. Assuming a car lasts for 185,000 miles it would take about 28 of them to be as productive as a VMS.

DeLaval VMS milking robots mean more milk harvested, a solid upgrade path and sophisticated management input.

DeLaval VMS Customer Assurance Program

The VMS Customer Assurance Program (CAP) ensures the proper level of maintenance and support for your VMS so that it runs smoothly and efficiently. As a valuable VMS customer, you have three CAP options, each one building on the next, to give you the coverage you desire.

CAP services include:

  • DeLaval VMS-certified preventive maintenance and parts
  • 24/7 dealer phone support
  • Robot performance tests performed three times per year
  • Herd management support
  • Only DeLaval VMS original parts


The DeLaval staff and dealership network is a team of focused professionals who bring you the best technical and herd management support. We offer extensive knowledge and expertise, so that you’re not wasting time on technical issues. Our customers should be able to use the extra time that the VMS provides for managing other areas within the enterprise.

Optimized yield and cow comfort

Your technician – trained and certified by DeLaval – works through a checklist of service points, inspecting all the components in your milking system and adjusting or replacing parts at planned intervals. Keeping these parts in their best condition ensures the maximum yield and cow comfort benefits from the robot.


Remote technical support and assistance

The VMS unit is designed to run around the clock in the toughest of environments – the dairy farm. With regular servicing and maintenance, your system should run smoothly. However, as the VMS station is operating more than 21 hours a day, 365 days a year, there may be times outside of the standard preventive maintenance program when the services of a VMS technician are required. During these times, your DeLaval dealer, via RFC (Remote Farm Connection) system, will provide you with remote support and assistance 24/7.

Contact your local DeLaval dealer today to get started on a service program to enhance your equipment’s performance and make the most of your investment.

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