It All Revolves Around You: 360-Degree Herd Management with VMS™ V300

By Dan Vander Heiden, Integrated Robotics Specialist

A dairy farm is a complex business that requires systems that do complex things as simply as possible. The herd management capabilities of the Voluntary Milking System VMS™ V300 take care of the interactions between different processes and inputs with one objective in mind: more, better-quality milk from healthier cows, with the possibility of a healthy lifestyle for the producer.

The DeLaval VMS V300 features great advancements in both hardware and software. In addition to DeLaval InSight™ – our most technologically advanced attachment system – DeLaval InControl™ is a brand new software interface developed for DeLaval VMS V300. It’s visually appealing and simple to navigate. DeLaval InControl provides key data at your fingertips, like performance data, throughput statistics or fertility information. You can change the settings of your system either on the robot’s touchscreen or on your iOS- or Android-enabled mobile device.

With margins growing tighter, the ability to make timely, accurate decisions on your farm is more important now than ever. With DeLaval InControl you can control the operation of your DeLaval VMS V300, track daily routines, update individual cow data or share information with staff. Its reports, analysis and information will help you make better farm management decisions.

A new level of herd management

The new DeLaval VMS V300 will help enhance the management of your dairy farm, but rest assured we kept many of the management features you have come to love and expect from DeLaval. For instance, DeLaval DelPro™ is still the herd management software platform, delivering not only outstanding herd records and reports but also allowing integration of other herd management tools like the DeLaval Activity System, Herd Navigator™ and the Body Condition Scoring BCS system.

Individual quarter milking and monitoring, including the Mastitis Detection Index (MDi) which allows you to identify potential health problems in the herd, is still an industry-leading standard with DeLaval VMS. Accessories like multi-feed dispensers, including liquid additive dispensers; milk samplers; and milk diversion are still available for your management support.

And perhaps, most importantly, let’s not forget DeLaval is still the only solution provider offering a milking robot that can preg-check your cows!

Key features of DeLaval InControl

Designed for producers on the goDesigned for producers on the go:

  • Great visual overview from a mobile device
  • Improved ease of use
  • Faster information acquisition
  • Use WiFi to access user interface from all over your farm
  • Incorporates camera surveillance for remote monitoring






Work efficiently with your teamWork efficiently with your team:

  • Ability to see all milking stations remotely from smart device
  • Allows system access for multiple users
  • Robot touchscreens are now optional








Manage on individual-cow levelManage on individual-cow level:

  • See individual animal information
  • Create notes for an animal from your mobile device
  • Get milking information and graphs

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