New Herd Management Help Desk Offers Remote Support

The Dairy Advisory Group recently launched a new call-in service to DeLaval dealers in North America offering them real-time assistance with DelPro™ Farm Manager software and other herd management questions.

Dealers are welcome to contact the Dairy Advisory Group for support developing reports and creating standard operating procedures in DelPro, which apply to how the customer wants to manage their farm. With the new Help Desk, this work can now happen while the dealer herd management specialist is on the farm. This increased availability of the Dairy Advisory team will help both dealers and farmers.

Stephanie Dillon, Advisory Specialist and full-time Help Desk operator, said, “We developed the Help Desk as a way to improve our response time for dealers and provide support while other advisors are traveling. It will allow us to work as a team and get the answers the dealers and their clients need.”

The Herd Management Help Desk advises dealers with VMS customers and producers milking conventionally. A dairy’s transition from conventional to robotic milking is a major shift in how the farm operates. Even updating old parlour systems to precision milking conventional parlours or rotaries requires a shift in milking routines. The Dairy Advisory Group has people with the experience needed to train and support producers during these transitional periods.

“While problem-solving is the action, training is the biggest part of our work,” Stephanie said. “We are always looking for teachable moments with our dealers so they can continue to learn and in return provide more robust support for our customers.”

The Herd Management Help Desk is available to dealers Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST. Talk to your DeLaval dealer to learn more.

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