Reproduction Management Tips with DeLaval DelPro

By Nancy Charlton, DVM

This is part 1 in a three part series.

Activity is one of the most talked about tools in our toolbox for improving reproduction and finding new sick or lame cows. Here are some basics to follow, especially if you are new to DelPro and/or Activity.

1. Know where to find default reports.

Repro 1

2. Work with your technician/herd management support person to copy/paste and tweak the reports.

3. Cows to breed only includes cows past the voluntary waiting period which are open or bred. If you want all animals in the past 20 hours, then select High Activity – Last 20hand if you want to go back 48 hours, select High Activity – Last 48 hrs however these reports will include fresh, open and dry cows.

4. Many herd management support people edit the reports through the Filters:

Repro 2

Repro 3

5. DeLaval supports our dealerships to enable trained staff to carry out or teach you how to copy and paste activity reports and then tweak the filter to increase or decrease the number of cows on the list. Not all farms are the same and for the best results we recommend working closely with the dealership expert in the first three months. They can increase or decrease the sensitivity of the accuracy of the hardware as well. The below Cow Accuracy comes defaulted at 38/50/60.

Repro 4
6. Start to put all heat signs into DelPro animal card under events, even if this is at 28 days fresh. DeLaval Activity System uses heat dates to add accurate information to your Cows to breed or High Activity reports.

Repro 5

7. When you inseminate a cow, add the heat sign so you know where to analyze conception rates off of the different types of heat signs. A certified DeLaval dealer can help with this.

Repro 6

8. Work with your vet to schedule herd health visits either once a week (twice a week for very large farms), every two weeks and at least once every three weeks. The role of the vet visit is to find open and abnormal cows. If your goal is to have a more than 20% or higher pregnancy rate, it is crucial to have a veterinarian involved. Depending on the herd, various levels of hormone intervention may be required. If your goal is to drive the herd with very little hormone intervention, then please talk to us about Herd Navigator™.

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