Service + VMS Supra Plus = Success

Time, manpower and building space spurred Ferme Denis et Louise Dion S.E.N.C. to find a new way to work. The farm had out-grown its buildings and chores were taking too long and requiring too many people. To combat all this and increase productivity, a brand new barn was built in 2014.

Four years later, the family is still reaping the benefits of milking their 110 cows with two DeLaval VMS Supra+ robots. “The two main favorites of this machine are teat hygiene thanks to the wash cup, and the Herd Navigator,” says Denis Dion. “This allows a rigorous and individualized monitoring of our cows’ health and reproduction, which greatly reduces veterinarian costs.”

Herd Navigator is the component of the VMS Supra+ that preg-checks your cows. It finds cows with silent heats, detects abortions and cysts, and confirms that your cows are pregnant. This in-line progesterone testing can catch more than 95 percent of the heats in your herd. The data is gathered and presented in DelPro™ Farm Manager software, making it easy to act on the information.

DeLaval was the easy choice when the Dions were ready for a change. “We trusted the DeLaval product for unparalleled service and the advancement offered by VMS machines,” says Dion.

The farm has an excellent, long-standing relationship with their dealer, Marcel Morissette, Inc. of Ste-Claire, QC. Their professional staff provides top-notch support through extensive knowledge and expertise in robotics.

The family thoroughly enjoys the robotic milking life, and Dion says they wouldn’t have it any other way. “Robotics provides flexibility that no other system provides.”

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