JTP Farms

Located in Dorchester, WI, JTP Farms is managed by Tom and Jake Peissig. The father and son team milks 250 cows with four VMS™ units that were installed in 2012.

Prior to the installation, the farm milked approximately 120 cows in a Double Four Step Up parlor. The average milk harvested was 68 pounds per cow per day and somatic cell counts (SCC) were higher than 300,000.

After his college graduation, Jake worked as a local equipment dealer and came to the realization that limited outside labor would work best for his farm. However there was the initial hesitation to pursue robotics. When Jake and his father made the decision to upgrade, they were convinced that a freestall barn with a parlor was right way to go. However a tour to a VMS dairy quickly changed their minds.

Further research uncovered a VMS farm that was milking just under 90 pounds per cow. That farm was a freestall with rubber mats and solid compost bedding. Using that farm as his foundation, Peissig knew a few simple changes, such as using sand bedding and a heavier focus on cow comfort, would get him close to the 90 pound mark.

It was then that the Peissigs committed to building their 180- by 220-foot sand bedded, cross-ventilated freestall barn. When milking began, the five-year goal was to hit 90 pounds. To their surprise, they achieved it in three months.

After four years, JTP Farms boasts far different production numbers than they had before the renovation. The production average jumped to 96 pounds per cow per day. Milkings average 2.6 per day and SCC dropped to around 220,000.

We were proud to honor JTP Farms at our recent VMS PRO conference in Las Vegas. Their commitment to improving dairy is an inspiration to us all.

* Results vary from dairy to dairy and DeLaval does not claim the results described above are typical. Successful use of any product depends on a variety of factors, including good farm and herd management practices.

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