Perspectives on Milking with V300 Robots

It’s been one year since we globally introduced the all-new DeLaval milking system VMS™ V300, and already dozens of V300 robots are milking cows effortlessly on farms in Canada and the U.S.

Read more to learn what some of those dairymen have to say about the performance of our redesigned robot.*

Branchview Farms Ltd.
New Brunswick, Canada
“We are currently milking 70 cows with our V300 robot, but I’m going to challenge my new V300 as I believe it has the ability to milk up to 80 cows in the future.” - Eric Glendenning

Ferme Acaduc
Québec, Canada
“I think I will be able to milk 65 cows on my new VMS V300. My complete milkings rate has increased to 98% and idle time increased to 28%, freeing up milking time, since replacing my VMS Classic with a V300 just over a month ago” - François Pinard

Ferme Les Girouettes
Québec, Canada
“The new V300 applies teat dip perfectly, which has helped lower the herd’s somatic cells. We are no longer culling cows for udder compliance. The V300’s attachment speed exceeded my expectations. With my robots’ percentage of free time, I will surpass my estimated number of cows per robot.” - Gilles and Philippe Michel

Stay tuned as we’ll be sharing more of our customers’ perspectives on our new V300 robot in the coming months!

*Results in the testimonials have not been verified, and DeLaval does not claim that the results are typical. This article does not constitute a warranty or guarantee of performance.

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