Introducing the New VMS™ V310

The DeLaval VMS™ product line expanded this year with a new milking robot featuring DeLaval RePro™ – an integrated analysis tool that automatically detects heat and pregnancy during the milking process.

The VMS V310, which features the same robotic milking process as the VMS V300, provides dairy farmers with accurate insights into the reproductive status of each cow in the herd thanks to DeLaval RePro. Using progesterone based sampling and analysis, heat and pregnancy can be detected in real-time as well as cows that are not cycling as they should. This new feature allows farmers to save both time and the cost of managing reproduction and unwanted open days.

Kelton Holsteins in Abbotsford, British Columbia, is the first dairy in North America milking with the VMS V310.

"The amount of cows that I'm breeding after now having the V310 is incredible," says the farm’s owner, Craig VanGarderen. “The V310 doesn’t miss a single heat. [It] will redefine milking robotics.”

Kelton Holsteins' VMS V310

The new DeLaval VMS V310 builds on the success of the VMS V300, launched in 2018. The features of DeLaval InControl™, DeLaval PureFlow™ and DeLaval InSight™ are standard on both systems with DeLaval RePro standard exclusively on the VMS V310.

“The VMS V310 sets the gold standard for reproduction with progesterone sampling,” said Joaquín Azocar, Solution Manager of Farm Management Systems for DeLaval North America. “With the V310, we enhanced the VMS V300 series – making DeLaval robotic milking a key technology that also helps dairy farmers excel in reproduction performance.”

The VMS V310 offers the following advantages:

  • Milks each cow according to their potential
  • Automates pregnancy checks
  • Detects silent heats
  • Contributes to more milk per labor hour

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