Making every second count

What could you do with an extra 2 seconds? That fleeting moment in time barely registers as relevant when you consider the more than 31 million seconds that make up a year. However in maximizing your dairy’s production, two seconds per cow quickly adds up.

To capitalize on every possible second, the Voluntary Milking System (VMS)™ provides a longer preparation time. Seemingly counterintuitive, a longer prep time helps ensure proper stimulation. This gives a faster milk letdown, higher milk flow and overall faster milking. It also has the added benefit of a shorter time on the machine, which is good for udder health.

A study by Danish Farm Test, conducted by the Danish Agriculture and Food Council, shows VMS is the fastest on the market in terms of overall process time. The study examined 34 Danish farms. It measured process time in seconds per kg of gained milk, defined as the time from the start of teat preparation until the last cup is removed. VMS was 2 seconds faster than the next leading brand.

9 unique VMS teat preparation advantages
1. Independent cleaning and prepping system separate from milk lines
2. No pre-milking in the milking cups
3. Proven equal or better than good manual cleaning
4. Deep active skin cleaning (vacuum + water + bubbles)
5. Proven to lower bacteria load on teat surface better than other methods
6. Several operational modes for dirty teats
7. Economical to use, no chemicals needed
8. Perfect stimulation and timing of milk letdown result is shorter milking time
9. The golden rule “Clean and dry the teats before milking” is well fullfilled

So what does an extra 2 seconds mean?

• 2 seconds per Kg of milk harvested
• If the robot havests 2,100Kg per day
• 2,100 x 2 sec = 70 minutes per robot per day
• This is equivalent to 10 additional milkings
• 10/3 milkings per cow is the potential for 3 additional cows
• 3 additional cows x 35kg/day= 105kg
• 105 x $0.67= + $70/day
• $70/day x 365 days = $25,550 / year
• $25,550/year x 7 years= $178,850

• 2 seconds per Kg of milk harvested.
• If the robot harvests 5.000Lbs per day = 2,273 Kgs./Robot/day
• 75.7 +minutes more milking time
• This is equivalent to 12 more milkings
• 12/3 milkings per cow = 4 additional cows
• 4 additional cows x 100 lbs/day= 400 lbs
• 4 x $17= + $68/day
• $68/day x 365 days = $24,820 / year
• $24,820/year x 7 years= $173,740

Results will vary from dairy to dairy, and DeLaval does not claim the results depicted above are typical. Nothing herein shall constitute a warranty or guarantee of performance. Please use this information as only part of the product selection decisions. The calculations depicted above are based on average performance across areas of use under normal conditions, and may not predict future results. Successful use of any product depends on a variety of factors, including good farm and herd management practices.

DeLaval VMS .. makes every second count!

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