Radial VMS™

Think outside the box for robotic milking When considering robotic milking, your solution is only limited by your imagination. If you’re concerned about retaining a current milking model, such as grouping by age, stage, lactation or milk production, you may still be able to utilize robotic milking.

A radial configuration of VMS units allows you to keep your milking model and at the same time design for future expansion. This also enables you to leverage other DeLaval technologies such as Herd Navigator. It is a proven solution since you’re simply taking to scale something that is done on every robotic farm, fetching cows and committing them to milk within a pen.

A radial configuration offers you several possibilities and benefits:

  •  Retain current grouping model (age, stage lactation, milk prod., diet…)
  • An expandable robotic milking system
  • Leverage other technologies such as Herd Navigator
  • A proven solution- simply taking to scale something done today on every robotic farm-fetching cows and committing to milk within a pen.
  • The ‘tri-fecta’- Flexibility, Upgradability, Expandability

Possible Layout


Consider a possible floor plan in detail:

• Overhead doors located within exterior walls of the milking center and combined with gates at curbed openings of the return lane wall. This will allow ready access for the removal of a ‘down’ cow via skid steer access.
• As drawn, allows ~45sq/ft per cow in holding area.
• May not require a ceiling on milk rooms adjacent to each robot (dependent on local regulations per parlor applications).
• Bi-fold/tri-fold gate allows manual separation/commitment of cows to dedicated unit(s) from holding pen.
• Return lane of 6ft width.
• One-way gates at exit point of units to the return lane.
***This is one possible layout- many other iterations are possible such as the number of units, sort pen further downstream, milk/equip rooms under attached smaller roof, etc.


Why should you consider this arrangement?

  • Efficiency

    • Labor-
      • One person can effectively handle congruent chores (fetch, HM, beds, feed)
    • Capacity – assume 1 unit can milk ~9cows/hr
      • Cows are queued
      • Cows incentivized with candy
      • Smart Pulsation, etc.
    • Installation
      • Shorter line lengths (milk, vacuum, feed)
      • Easy for Herd Navigator
      • Centralized ancillary equipment
      • Increased sanitation possible
      • Less disruption/bottleneck when a unit is in service/maintenance
      • Single sort/treatment area for all cows/groups
  • Easy & effective adaptation of other DeLaval solutions

    • Herd Navigator™
    • On-Line Cell Counter (OCC)
    • Body Condition Scoring (BCS)™
    • Smart Gate (SG)
    • Smart Selection Gate (SSG)
    • Automatic Foot Bath (AFB)
    • Other
  • Dealer confidence & familiarity with VMS

  • Expandable

    • Add cows until reaching capacity or add units as herd size grows
  • Supported DeLaval Solution

    • Off the shelf
  • Compliant with regulations

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