Smart Pulsation means 7% more milk flow

How can pulsation be smart? It is smart when it can optimize the pulsation ratio automatically. It is smart when it can adapt the pulsation ratio to the needs of each and every cow.

Here’s how DeLaval VMS Smart Pulsation works

Pulsation ratios have been debated for many years in the dairy industry. The ratios are usually set at the same ratio system wide. All cows in a milking parlor had to be milked with the same ratio. The DeLaval VMS milking robot changes all of that. Cows can now be milked with individual ratios – the ones that fit them. This enables the fastest milk flow. How?

There are several pulsation ratios available in the system, such as 60:40 and 74:26. The probability of the system using a certain pulsation ratio for a certain cow depends on milk  flow records. A cow, however, won’t just have the same ratio once the system establishes her milk flow history. There is constant automatic individual ratio adaptation.


innowall1Definition: ratio ~ (A+B):(C+D)
Typical milking robot settings
– Vacuum: 45 kPa
– Rate: 60 Pulses/min
– Typical ratio: 65:35


DeLaval’s Smart Pulsation is an innovation in how cows are milked – giving them individual variation in pulsation ratio based on their individual parameters. That means faster milking with no effect on SCC or teat condition. Testing has shown a consistent seven percent increase in milk flow using Smart Pulsation.

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