Water troughs

Availability of water at all times is essential. The water should be clean and tasty. DeLaval offers a full range of water solutions which support the water intake of your cow every second of the day. DeLaval water troughs are easy to install, handle, maintain and support especially the high producing animals on your farm.

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Water troughs


DeLaval stainless steel tip tanks (ST150, ST200 and ST250)

The round design of the stainless water troughs gives the cows optimal drinking support and enhances the cow comfort level. The included protection bar increases the life time of the product and protects farmers and animals from any injuries. The trough is available in three different sizes ST150, ST200 and ST250. The stainless steel troughs are adapted for all type of loose housing barns.

DeLaval Tip Tank T80 and T80XL

This heavy duty plastic tip tanks come in two different sizes. The food approved plastic and the implemented stainless steel frame makes these troughs resistant against cow pushes and avoids injuries at the same time. The high capacity of the valves deliver an optimal amount of water to the cows. It is possible to mount the trough on the wall or on the floor.

DeLaval water trough T400

One of the biggest troughs in the DeLaval assortment is the T400. The double wall mounted plastic trough is made of food approved plastic. The capacity is 70 gallons which offers an excellent water supply.

DeLaval water trough WT7, WT10 and WT12

This water trough range can be installed in a loose housing barn or on a pasture. The high duty troughs are UV resistant and food approved.

DeLaval S28 and S28 double

The stainless steel S28 and S28 double water troughs can be used in loose housing barns. Due to the stainless steel design this water trough is highly hygienic. The closed system and the high capacity of the valve underline the hygienic aspect. The trough can be used ideal in small parts of the barn or can be installed on the barn stalling. The S28 double is especially designed for maternity boxes or cross alleys with limited space.

DeLaval Energy free waterer

DeLaval offers two different versions of this double walled and isolated water trough. The energy free waterer is constructed out of food approved plastic. The wall is 3.3 inches thick and can be used in cold climates up to -22°F on a pasture or in loose housing barns. The polyurethane material used for the isolation gives an optimal thermostatic zone.

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