Dairy farmers are well aware that the health of their herd’s hooves is essential to maximum milk production and quality, and DeLaval hoof care products ensures that cows are always well cared for.

  • Extensive in-house research and development
  • Environmentally-friendly solutions
  • Reduces economic impact of poor hoof health
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Hoof care is not just about hooves

DeLaval takes a “total hoof care” approach, catering not just for the hooves, but also the environment in which the cows spend their time. Doing so ensures that both the symptoms and the causes of hoof problems are dealt with quickly, safely and comprehensively.

Stop infection in its tracks

Infection problems are growing as a hoof health issue and limiting their spread through collective or individual treatments is key to maintaining good hoof health. DeLaval has developed and thoroughly tested a number of effective solutions in this area.

Prevent hoof problems

The DeLaval “total hoof care” approach recommends that, apart from regular hoof baths, herds should also be assessed for lameness and actions taken to treat those animals that suffer from it. A risk assessment should be carried out on every farm to identify possible causes, and protocols implemented to prevent further problems. The combination of best practices and DeLaval market-leading hoof care products help farmers maintain a healthy herd and a profitable farm.



DeLaval footbath AFB1000

You can maintain an effective hoof care program in your herd while saving time and money, with the help of DeLaval automated footbath AFB1000.

  • Durable construction
  • Fully automatic filling and basin cleaning
  • Saves time and labor


Easystride is a concentrated hoof sanitizer composed of organic acid. With a complete hoof management program, Easystride has proven in both lab tests and field trials to reduce the prevalence of foot warts. Not only is it equally effective compared to copper sulfate, but Easystride is also safe for end users and the environment.

  • Safe to end users
  • Not harmful to the environment
  • Easy-to-use

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