Farm Management

On a dairy farm everything is inter-related and every decision has multiple impacts. That's why DelPro has been designed to support the 5 key pillars of farm management, and to provide you tools to help you make the decisions that will maximize your results for your whole farm. When you need to make a decision on your dairy farm, the first place to turn for trusted, useful information is DelPro. It's where better decisions start.

DeLaval DelPro™ - Decisions start here

You set your management objectives and targets, and DelPro is there to make sure you have everything you need to put your plans into action, all the information you need to monitor and adjust those plans, and the alerts and analysis to stay on track.

To do this, DelPro pulls the many data sources on your dairy farm together, processes and analyses them to create valuable information and reports to help you do your job. With a range of different applications to help you harness all that power depending on the task at hand, DelPro puts you, and usability, at the centre of everything it does.

We have built DeLaval DelPro™ and its suite of sensors and applications to give you more control than ever before, by surrounding you with faster, more accurate access to valuable information, analysis and reports that will help you make better decisions on your farm.

  • Accurate, easily understood actionable information
  • Manage cows, sheep, goats or buffalo
  • A handful of animals, all the way up to 20,000
  • Supports better decisions that drive better results
  • Recommended by dairy farmers
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We are able to make sure their nutrition is up to par. We can definitely see if there's less of a drop if they become ketotic.

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