DelPro™ Applications

DeLaval DelPro™ takes all the data being recorded on your farm and does the number-crunching for you. Instead of pages and pages of numbers and charts – you get valuable information, sometimes in the form of a single number or alert. This useful, actionable information is delivered to you by whichever DelPro application is the right one for the task at hand. This means you may want the information in the office, the barn or pasture or while milking.

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Ultimate farm management platform

It is easiest to think of it as the heart your dairy farm. Everything is fed into it via a range of inputs; DelPro processes and orders that data to allow analysis and reporting that is then delivered to you via a series of applications that make it easy for you to do more with the data than you probably thought possible.

DelPro is not just one piece of software, it is a total management platform that provides you with the accurate, timely information you need to run an efficient and profitable dairy farm. This means creating a central platform for the capture and analysis of data from your milking system and sensors, and then distributing that data via a suite of purpose built, easy to use applications that make it easier and faster for you to turn all that data into action.

DelPro™ Applications


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