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DelPro™ Companion

Never leave the office alone – take DelPro Companion with you. DelPro companion is a tool for getting jobs done. It is there to make it faster and more accurate to get things done when you are actively working with your cows.

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DelPro™ Companion

Key Benefits

Animal List

All your animals in one place, from here you navigate into individual animal cards, record single events like insemination, pregnancy check, health treatment or sort and filter the animals you want to work with.

Attention reports

If you need a calving, dry off or insemination report; it is already in your pocket. These predefined reports from DelPro Farm Manager brings your focus to animals that need your attention.

Worker Mode

Record the same event for a group of animals with each animal having a different result. You have multiple cows to pregnancy check; some are positive and some negative. Connect a Bluetooth ID reader to your phone to make sure you always record the event for the right animal.

Batch Mode

Record the same event with the same results on multiple animals at once. Add a dry off, group change and treatment in one step. Use the voice feedback to make sure that the action you want to take is the right one.

Voice feedback and Bluetooth connected ISO reader

Not only do we give direct access to data of the animal, when you have voice mode activated you also get direct audio feedback. No need to look on paper or the phone any longer as you can have this information read aloud directly. With the ability to connect via Bluetooth an ISO tag reader; when for example pregnancy checking animals, you only have to scan the ISO ear tag, and DelPro Companion shows the needed info immediately.

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DelPro™ Companion

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The power of DelPro in your pocket

To complement DelPro Farm Manager as part the ultimate farm management operating platform, DelPro Companion is developed to work with you, not only displaying animal information but also supporting your working routines to record all the important events that happen throughout your day, as they happen.

The result is that an insemination, pregnancy check or health treatment will never again be missed, and that you can accurately record every action, in real time, there and then. DelPro Companion puts the power to make better decisions, right into your pocket.

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