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DelPro™ Farm Manager

DelPro Farm Manager presents the information captured, processed and analysed by DelPro to allow you to monitor the operation of your dairy farm from one easy to use application.

  • Dashboard view for instant overview
  • Easily customised to meet your needs
  • Simple user interface
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DelPro™ Farm Manager

Key Benefits

Prioritise what’s important to you

DelPro Farm Manager is the key to turning all the data recorded on your farm into valuable, easily understood, actionable information. Central to this is the ability to customize your view to ensure that are able to easily pick out the information that you consider the most important.

Monitor Board

One screen to provide a total overview DelPro Farm Manager is the key to turning all the data recorded on your farm into valuable, easily understood, actionable information. Your Monitor Board provides exactly this. It provides a dashboard which gives you a snapshot of everything you need to know in an easily understood and evaluated visual format.

Milking Queue – only for AMS

95% of DelPro farmers with AMS use the Milking Queue every day, and rate it the most useful module they receive. The Milking Queue is the perfect way to start your day – providing a snapshot of everything that happened overnight, and during the previous day. This allows you to quickly identify the things you need to do today to maximize your productivity.

Scheduled Milking

The Milking Performance Dashboard in DelPro Farm Manager gives you a quick insight into the performance of your milking system: cows milked per hour, rotations and/or batches milked and milk harvested across the milking sessions. Simple color indicators can then alert you to changes in performance. It also allows you to quickly and easily access additional information to help you correct any performance issues.

Expert Modules

DelPro Farm Manger’s expert modules give you more control over the welfare of your animals. Cows are automatically added to your vet lists to ensure that any required health checks, vaccinations or other actions are identified and highlighted, meaning you have the peace of mind knowing that no animals have been missed. You will also be able to see exactly how much each cow contributes to the somatic cell count (SCC) of your bulk tank. Our promise is to support you with consistent management of your herd, on time and automatically.

Standard Operating Procedures

Having a consistent way of working is critical in modern dairy farming. DelPro Farm Manager with its Standard Operating Procedures supports you to orchestrate and implement actions consistently for different events such as time of insemination, treatment of a cow with ketosis or checks to be completed on fresh cows. With DelPro you reach clear actionable decisions any day of the week.

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DelPro™ Farm Manager

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Decisions Start Here

DelPro centralises, processes and analyses the many points of data recorded on your farm.

DelPro Farm Manager is the major interface to all that information. It puts the power at your fingertips so that you have everything you need to make better decisions every day.

This means that whether you need to monitor the production of one cow, a group or the whole herd; to check when your next milking system service is needed; or to create a recurring protocol to ensure that every animal on your farm receives a vaccination at exactly the right time - DelPro Farm Manager puts you in control.

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