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DelPro™ Interactive data display

DelPro Interactive data display is the ultimate parlour application giving you another pair of eyes and ears whilst milking. The interactive data display is there to support you optimize the management of your cows by presenting the status of all cows being milked on each milking point in the parlour or rotary.

  • Real time yield
  • Know when cows deviate in yields instantly
  • Intuitive voice feedback
  • Complete overview of cows being milked
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DelPro™ Interactive data display

Key Benefits

Live overview

DelPro Interactive data display presents to you real time yield data per cow, including expected yields. This gives you the needed overview within your parlour of the cows with deviated milk yields or pre-mature kick-offs; shown in different colour coding, and brought to your attention through the voice feedback.

Instant sort

You have a complete overview of all the cows being milked within the parlour - allowing you to sort cows instantly when you have have been alerted, or when you have observed a cow with deviations.

DelPro™ Interactive data display

Works with

Total visibility of every cow during milking

DelPro Interactive data display is yet another of the powerful applications that present the data collected and analysed by DelPro to you at the moment you need it most. In the case of the interactive data display that moment is while you are milking. Whether you milk with a Rotary or Paralell Parlor – DelPro interactive data display gives you total visibility of every cow as she makes her way through the milking process, and with the ability to connect up to 4 cameras, you are able to make sure that you have no blind-spots.

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