BioModels to support better decisions

DelPro is the most powerful farm management tool available due to the sophistication of DeLaval’s proprietary BioModels that drive the analysis of your data to help you reach clear actionable decisions.

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What is a DelPro BioModel?

DeLaval are able to project future states based on current and historic data. This is done by creating accurate models of biological and behavioral models we call BioModels. These are unique to DeLaval, and they are able to be harnessed by you through DelPro. The information produced by these models is often presented in the form of an index - you set the threshold that shows you when performance is less than desired or greater than expected. This means we can use BioModels to give you a clear snapshot of cow performance, reproductive status or health, often before there are any visible signs.

BioModels to support better decisions

Key Benefits

DeLaval Herd Navigator™ BioModel

DeLaval Herd Navigator enables progressive dairy farmers to proactively manage their herd. Delivering precise analysis of milk to develop an action plan for each cow and the herd to improve farm profitability through improved reproduction results and lower health costs; as well as making more efficient use of your time. Herd Navigator includes three models (reproduction, mastitis and ketosis) are designed to feedback into the system when each individual cow needs to be sampled next time, based on the previous sample results. This function is built to optimize number of samples to focus on critical situations, still maintaining the system performance. When you start your day, DeLaval DelPro with Herd Navigator already alert you to the cows that need to be inseminated, pregnancy checked, treated or given further attention.

DeLaval Mastitis Detection Index (MDi)

The DeLaval Mastitis Detection Index MDi is a unique tool developed by DeLaval, which combines multiple pieces of data, to provide you with 1 number that gives you an early indication of the health status of every cow. This means that at a glance you can review any cow, group or your whole herd to see if any are in need of inspection or treatment. MDi does not use any chemical and it analyses several parameters to provide better warning for faster management to avoid udder health issues and mastitis. DelPro calculates the MDi for every cow, at every milking and uses the data to help you ensure better health outcomes.

DeLaval body condition scoring BCS

The DeLaval body condition scoring BCS is a fully automated scoring system that eliminates the guesswork and inaccuracies of manual evaluation of a cows body condition. This 3D mapping technology generates the data that when analysed using another of the exclusive DeLaval BioModels is able to alert you instantly to changes in condition before they are even visible, allowing you to act faster to prevent future problems. Those alerts are presented as a two and four week deviations; combined with production level, lactation number and stage of lactation to come to one action.

Cow Health index (CHi)

DeLaval has made health monitoring simple. We’ve created an algorithm which uses data from DeLaval Activity Meter System, milk production, milk flow, and milk conductivity to provide you with a list of potential cows in trouble. Each is ranked by a health score indicating which parameters are not right. As you know, early diagnose is key. Cow Health index (CHi) is available for conventional milking systems with DelPro.

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BioModels to support better decisions

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