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DeLaval Herd Navigator™

DeLaval Herd Navigator™ enables progressive dairy farmers to proactively manage their herd. Delivering precise analysis of milk to develop an action plan for each cow and the herd to improve farm profitability through improved reproduction results and lower health costs; as well as making more efficient use of your time. When you start your day, DeLaval DelPro with Herd Navigator alerts you to the cows that need to be inseminated, pregnancy checked, treated or given further attention.

  • Detects heat well beyond 95% by measuring progesterone
  • Detects 80% of early stage mastitis cases, three days before physical signs are visible by measuring lactate dehydrogenase
  • Detects 50% more cases of ketosis than visual inspection by measuring betahydroxybutyrate
  • Detects urea to help balance feed protein
Tests on pilot and test farms have shown the results listed.

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DeLaval Herd Navigator™

Key Benefits

Successful reproduction management

With Herd Navigator you can get your cows pregnant at the right time. Herd Navigator supports you by automatically measuring the level of progesterone in milk, informing you when the cows is in heat, when they are pregnant, if there is an early embryonic loss and which cows have abnormal ovarian structures such as cysts.

Successful mastitis management

The milk component used to monitor udder health with Herd Navigator is Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH), an enzyme that is highly correlated to somatic cell counts in new infections and detects an infection before it is visible to the human eye. Early detection of mastitis with Herd Navigator is the best way to improve udder health. Early detection may also means that less antibiotics used for fewer days, saving money.

Successful ketosis management

The fresh period is a critical stage for a dairy cow, she suffers form; metabolic changes, immunosuppression, negative energy balance (NEB) and elevated levels of stress; which can lead to increased incidence of diseases and decrease animal efficiency. Ketosis is a metabolic disease, frequently observed in high producing herds. It usually occurs within a few days to a few weeks after calving. Herd Navigator automatically monitors the BHB (beta hydroxybutyrate) in the milk after calving to diagnose sub clinical ketosis, allowing you to act early and prevent a loss in milk production and reduce veterinary costs.

Successful feed efficiency management

Feed represents a large proportion of the cost to produce milk. We understand your need to feed cows efficiently. Herd Navigator automatically analyses your herd’s feed efficiency by monitoring milk urea level and is a valuable tool to determine how well the cows in the herd are responding to changes in their ration. It can help determine if the ration has excess protein (a costly problem), or if adding a little more fermentable carbohydrates can give an increase in milk production. Small changes in the cost of a ration can make a big difference in the cash flow. 

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DeLaval Herd Navigator™

Works with

Reach clear actionable decisions.

Adding the power of DeLaval Herd Navigator to your DelPro farm management platform will deliver quite simply, the ultimate reproduction management support for your farm. The addition of Herd Navigator gives DelPro access to the golden standard for reproduction management and heat detection - Progesterone. With milk analysis performed automatically the DelPro BioModel uses the level of progesterone in her milk to both predict when a cow will come into heat, and define the best time to inseminate each cow.


We are able to make sure their nutrition is up to par. We can definitely see if there's less of a drop if they become ketotic.

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