Better decisions for better feed efficiency

Feed represents a large proportion of the cost to produce milk. We understand your need to feed cows efficiently.

  • Implement concentrate feeding strategies from calving to calving
  • Monitor animals consumption
  • Improve your feed performance KPIs
  • Feed controlled
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Feed is all about balance

Feed represents a large proportion of the cost to produce milk. DeLaval DelPro™ is a key tool to make sure the ration delivered is appropriate, helping you produce more with less.

Better decisions for better feed efficiency

Key Benefits

Feed Strategy

The needs of your cows change at different stages of lactation. DelPro ensures you quickly, safely and accurately adjust your feed to meet these changes. This means continually adjusting the base ration and managing supplements to ensure animal welfare, productivity, reproductive performance and longevity at all times. DelPro gives you the power to set a controlled strategy and implement it for differing days in milk, production level, group or lactation number.


We all have animals that do not consume exactly the feed that we have assigned to them, often due to health related problems. DelPro quickly highlights these animals by providing reports on feed consumption history at a cow and herd level. This combined with a 365 day graph showing feed consumption lets you easily review the nutritional intake on herd, group and animal level.


Being profitable means keeping a close eye on your feed efficiency. That’s why we created easy to read overviews to see the farm performance from a “top down” approach. Based on feed consumption, feed cost, production data and milk price DelPro provides a clear overview of the herd, group and animal level feed efficiency. This also allows you to budget and model future scenarios. Together with DeLaval Optimat™ you can mix, distribute and adjust your forage and concentrate ration.

Concentrate management

If you feed supplements, you know the risks of oversupplying animals with concentrates. DelPro will help you to deliver a cows ration accurately and safely. You decide how much feed a cow should get per visit, and at what speed feed is dispensed, DelPro uses this to put in place limits for consumption per visit, carry over to the following day and hour qualification.

Body Condition Scoring

Consistent, accurate monitoring of every cow’s body condition score is key to the timely adjustment of your feeding strategy. It is the key that unlocks consistent, reliable productivity, longevity and reproduction results. With the addition of a DeLaval body condition scoring BCS you are able to automatically record accurate, consistent body condition scores for every cow, every milking, every day. This 3D mapping technology generates the data that when analysed using another of the exclusive DelPro BioModels is able to alert you instantly to changes in condition before they are even visible, allowing you to act faster to prevent future problems.

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Better decisions for better feed efficiency

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