Better decisions for a better milk yield

We want to empower you, enabling you to produce milk towards the potential of your farm.

  • Detailed animal, group and herd production performances
  • Live milking information at hand
  • Plan for the future
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Milking is the moment of truth for your dairy farm

Every task, every action, every plan – the result is always measured by the quality and quantity of milk. This is true regardless of the type of system you use, as all DeLaval milking systems are able to utilize a DelPro powered application as part of their operation.

Better decisions for a better milk yield

Key Benefits

Scheduled Milking - DeLaval DelPro™ Interactive Data Display

DeLaval rotary and parlor milking systems are equipped with sensors that record cows entering, milking and exiting. We combine all this data and present it to you during milking to allow you to maximize the quality and quantity of the milk you harvest.

Detailed Animal, Group and Herd Production Performance

Our milk meters constantly record the milk yields, flows and cups on time of the cows during milking. This accurately recorded data is then combined on group level to give you an insight into production and efficiency performance differences across groups within your herd.

Milking Performance

The Milking Performance Dashboard in DelPro Farm Manager gives you a quick insight into the performance of your milking system: cows milked per hour, rotations and/or batches milked and milk harvested across the milking sessions. Simple color indicators can then alert you to changes in performance. It also allows you to quickly and easily access additional information to help you correct any performance issues.

Voluntary Milking - DeLaval InControl™

When you work with a voluntary milking system like the DeLaval VMS™ V300, the requirement for 24/7 real-time reporting is essential. That’s why DelPro was designed with a live module to provide you with continuously updated information for your whole herd.

Live Milking Information at Hand

If your cows are milked 24/7, a standard static report is not efficient enough to fit in your daily work. Therefore we designed a live platform giving you a tool to keep a structured overview, live, of all cow milking status. This is key in effectively monitoring your herd, and the individual cow, in whatever lactation stage she might be.

Plan for the Future

We understand that planning for the future is important. Being able to forecast your production can be hard, especially without a crystal ball to know how much milk you will produce in the months ahead. Evaluating how improvements in pregnancy rate or reducing replacement rate affects number of milking cows in times to come makes this possible. Based upon accurate animal production and reproduction data, DelPro combines this information at herd level and predicts your milk production in the months ahead. We understand that dairy farming can be ever changing so we give you the flexibility to explore the effect on your monthly production level as those changes occur. For example; reducing your calving interval from 420 days to 390.

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Better decisions for a better milk yield

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