Better decisions for better farm performance

We believe that the only way to achieve complete control and make quick decisions that make your business efficient is to have your entire farm connected in one place. 

  • Improved work efficiency
  • Complete overview
  • Full details on the milking process
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Do more with less

More with less. That has always been the challenge. With DelPro you have access to a new level of reporting and analysis to meet that challenge.

Better decisions for better farm performance

Key Benefits

Compare Group Performance

Time is a limited resource, and you do not have time to analyse every individual animal daily. We believe in a "top down" approach for working with the analyses of your herd. Starting with the analysis of different animal groups will give you a clear insight if deviations appear across the herd.

Dashboard View

DelPro provides a dashboard to give you a quick insight of the performance of your farm and the status of the tasks you have set. This visually simple presentation of useful, actionable information regarding the performance of your animals, your people and your equipment. It also provides a clear snapshot of milking performance and reproduction data – all in one clearly laid out design.

Everything About Milking

DeLaval milking systems are equipped with a range of sensors that record cows entering the parlor, exiting the parlor and many of the operations performed during milking. Rather than presenting you with a series of data points captured by these sensors, DelPro combines all of this valuable data and turns it into performance information. This information can be used to improve routines, cow traffic and labor efficiency.

One View

We don’t view your dairy farm as just a collection of related activities and products to support those activities – it is a system. Like any system, it works best when each component adds value to the next, this is the role of DelPro. By integrating all the data collected on your farm and using it all to form a picture of not only how it is performing, but also what can be done to improve performance, DelPro is able to present you with one set of reports, analysis, alerts and proposed actions.

Device Monitoring

As well as monitoring and reporting on the health and performance of your cows, DelPro can also provide detailed performance reporting of your farm technology. This means alarms to indicate reduced performance as well as service timers, liner changes and how long it takes to cool milk from your DeLaval VMS™ V300.

Secure Access

We know that you didn’t become a dairy farmer to spend more time configuring routers and internet access. That’s why with DelPro Remote Farm Connection we designed it so that you don’t have to. It is pre-configured and based on a very robust, reliable network equipment with a built in security package that protects your farm network from viruses, malware and spyware, which means that you will be up and running in no time.

Automatic Decisions

DelPro controls your sort gates to automatically select cows based on your criteria. You choose when to sort, using the data recorded by your sensors. Your cows will be ready for inspection when you need them to be. For example, cows with low activity indicating possible health issues can be separated for your veterinarian check.

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Better decisions for better farm performance

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