Better decisions for better reproduction results

We understand the success of your business relies on your ability to get your animals pregnant, this starts with finding cows in heat.

  • Complete reproduction overview of your herd
  • Find your cows in heat effectively
  • Improved performance with KPI management
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Dairy farming is not possible without the ability to manage reproduction, and successful reproduction is all about timing

This means that you need instant access in “real time”, and even more than that, you need the information presented in a way that allows you to easily see what needs to be done to meet your reproduction targets.

One of DelPro’s key tasks is supporting you to meet this challenge. This isn’t just about capturing data or creating BioModels to help you, but presenting the most valuable information, in the most timely fashion, in an easy to use format; to help you make the decisions that will lead to the fewest inseminations required to get your cows pregnant on time.

Better decisions for better reproduction results

Key Benefits


You set your objectives and the numbers you want to achieve, DelPro allows you to measure your results against these goals, and also to benchmark your performance against other farms with similar objectives. By looking at your herd and breeding summary reports, you can see the number and nature of the reproduction events that occurred over the course of the last year. This lets you quickly identify areas you can improve. It might be pregnancy rate, conception rate or the number of cows calving each month, with DelPro you will be able to make the changes you need to get the results you want.


Visual presentation of your herd’s data allows you to quickly and easily see patterns that a list of numbers simply can’t match. Our unique herd reproduction distribution graph and custom scatter graphs allow you to view your whole herd, or any group you wish, on one screen letting you quickly see the big picture. These graphs instantly highlight individual cows that need attention, trends that require action or analysis of your overall strategy and results.


Individual cows cycle through the reproduction process at different speeds, which means you need to be aware of the actions required for each individual animal at the exact moment that it is required. DelPro Reproduction Attention Report is at the heart of your reproduction management. Combining accurate data from every animal, which is filtered against your management objectives and analysed according to standard operating procedures – this report indicates clear, structured actions to help you give each cow the attention she requires to ensure a timely and cost-effective pregnancy.

The ultimate reproduction management solution

Adding the power of DeLaval Herd Navigator or DeLaval Activity Meters to your farm management platform will deliver quite simply, the ultimate reproduction management support for your farm. The addition of Herd Navigator gives DelPro access to the golden standard for reproduction management and heat detection - Progesterone. With milk analysis performed automatically at each by the DelPro BioModel selected milking, DelPro is able to use the level of progesterone in her milk to both predict when a cow will come into heat, and define the best time to inseminate each cow. In order to monitor each reproduction cycle, the DelPro BioModel will also identify when a cow is pregnant, if there is an early embryonic loss and which cows have abnormal ovarian structures such as cysts. DelPro uses the data recorded by the Activity Meters to carry out advanced statistical analysis of her movement during the day and comparing her current movement with what was expected of her to model and predict her heat status giving you accurate heat status for every cow. In addition, whilst knowing her current movement status we can also predict the health status. A decreased movement indicates a potential health issue.

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Better decisions for better reproduction results

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