Milking points

DeLaval milking point controllers offer complete milking control at the push of a button. DeLaval milking points enable comfortable, yet streamlined routines with high cow flow, ensure udder health by delivering a complete fast milk out, and have highly visible status indicators for full parlour control at a glance.

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Milking points


DeLaval milking point MPC100 Series

DeLaval milking point controller MPC100 Series is designed with the flexibility to fit individual dairy producer’s requirements. The DeLaval MPC100 series range from basic automatic take-off functions, to a full selection of milking functions like individual pulsation control, milk sweep and slip/kick off alarms.

DeLaval milking point MPC680

Having reliable data on every cow helps you to manage your herd so you can make the right decisions at the right time. Whatever your herd management challenges are, the DeLaval milking point MPC680 partnered with DelPro herd management will be a key part of your success.

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