Our alkaline detergents, with or without chlorine, are effective in removing butterfat and milk protein. The wide range of products can meet the needs varying water conditions and temperature fluctuations.

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Reduced Temperature Detergent RTD

With RTD, dairy farmers can effectively clean their milking systems and bulk tanks using reduced or traditional temperatures. RTD offers peace of mind and gives dairies the opportunity to save energy and money.

Della-CIP 300™

Della-CIP 300 is a cost-effective, economical detergent for use in pipeline milking systems and bulk coolers.


Della-EcoStar liquid is DeLaval’s premier CIP detergent. Offering a highly concentrated, industrial strength chloralkaline liquid formula, Della-EcoStar is designed to quickly eradicate protein and butterfat from milk contact surfaces. Della-EcoStar delivers the strength of powders in a liquid form, providing very effective soil removal in large systems and in various water conditions.

Della-Plus 12™

Chlorinated Clean in Place powdered detergent with controlled alkalinity, non foaming and rapid dissolving. For CIP system cleaning, including stainless steel, glass pipeline milking systems, transfer systems and bulk coolers.


Ideally formulated for difficult water conditions, this high performance CIP liquid detergent will handle the toughest cleaning situations.

Duo Alk™

When Duo Alk is combined with Della-San, these two ingredients deliver a heavy duty industrial cleaning package unmatched in the dairy farm industry to provide outstanding cleaning power and economy, yet remain gentle to rubber parts within the milking system. Duo Alk is a very effective liquid detergent designed for use in dairy CIP cleaning systems; when combined with Della-San, together they eradicate butter fat and protein soils from milk transfer systems and bulk tanks.

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