DeLaval compact chillers

High-volume milking demands high-capacity cooling. DeLaval compact chillers have been designed to meet these demands. They provide powerful cooling and precise temperature control to lock in milk quality before it goes into the storage tank.

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DeLaval compact chiller CWC120

DeLaval Compact Chillers are versatile: They can be used with VMS milking robots, conventional parlors and rotaries. Add the PHE Plate Heat Exchanger, Smooth Operator speed control, and milk tank or truck to complete an ef­ficient cooling system. For more CWC options, download the brochure.

  • Faster cooling
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Robust and reliable operation
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DeLaval compact chiller CWC120

Key Benefits

Faster cooling

This cooling power is combined with precision temperature control. Under-cooling and over-cooling are both bad for milk quality. DeLaval compact chillers provide precise temperature control to optimize milk quality and reduce energy consumption. DeLaval compact chillers have multiple cooling circuits that easily adapt to variable flow rates and fluctuating demands. This ensures smooth operation while avoiding unnecessary power consumption. The DeLaval smooth operator regulates milk flow to plate heat exchanges to ensure consistent milk flow and cooling.

Reduce energy consumption

DeLaval compact chillers provide economical cooling with the combination of efficient scroll compression, precision temperature control and integrated heat recovery. The scroll compressor is the heart of the compact chiller. It provides greater energy efficiency than conventional piston compressors. This reduces energy consumption and power costs. This energy efficiency is enhanced by the precision temperature control that reduces unnecessary energy consumption while optimizing milk quality.

Robust and reliable operation

Cows don’t take days off. When your operation is 365 days a year and up to 24 hours a day – you can’t afford for anything to stop production. That is why DeLaval compact chillers are designed with double-system redundancy. If any component stops working, it is always doubled up. So your cooling system and milking operation will keep on working while you fix the problem.

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