DeLaval energy recovery system ERS

The ERS energy recovery unit can save energy, cut costs and improve efficiency to help increase your operation’s bottom line.

  • Quality construction
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Increase profitability
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DeLaval energy recovery system ERS

Key Benefits

Quality construction

Stainless-steel exterior and stainless-steel refrigeration piping help deliver long life and performance. Other quality features include foamed-in-place insulation for superior heat retention and glass-lined anode protected water tank for long life corrosion protection.

Reduce energy costs

The ERS helps reduce energy costs two ways. First, the ERS unit can capture heat from the milk and reduce the cost of heating water by up to 60%, it converts the heat from the milk into useful hot water for use in pipeline and parlor washing providing cost free water heating. Secondly, the ERS unit can increase the efficiency of the condensing unit while it is heating water by adding condensing area to allow cooler running compressors. Greater energy efficiency may also qualify your operation for rebates through your local utility company.

Increase profitability

The ERS energy recovery unit recovers heat removed from milk and stores it as hot water. By utilizing the very latest in heat transfer technology, the ERS operates more quickly, thoroughly and consistently than other heat-recovery units. The ERS works in concert with your refrigeration and water-heating equipment allowing them to work more efficiently, too.

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