Sort gates

Manually sorting cows can be very labor intensive and dangerous to both you and your cows. By using DeLaval sort gates you can create a stress free sorting environment for your cows while maintaining efficient cow flow.

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Sort gates


Delaval sort gate DSG10

The combination of DeLaval sort gate DSG10 with DeLaval DelPro ™ Farm Manager provides a simple and economical solution for sorting your cows based on various health checks needs and group assignments with minimal impact on cow flow. The robust design ensures reliable operation around the clock.

  • Up to five selection directions per sort system
  • Automatic sorting according a variety of alarms or herd management settings
  • Decrease labor costs and risks of injuries to both you and your animals

DeLaval smart selection gate SSG

This herd management solution is a highly profitable investment and the perfect companion for DeLaval VMS™ and your cows. Choose your traffic options – pre-select cows so only those with milking permission are allowed in the DeLaval VMS™; allow all cows free access to the feed area; identify special cows for access to their own feeding area; regulate access to outdoor pasture and more.

Sort gates

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