DeLaval herringbone rotary HBR

Superior solutions for highest throughputs

  • High milking speed
  • Short milking ways
  • Easy extension

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DeLaval herringbone rotary HBR

Key Benefits

Optimal cow traffic

  • Adjustable rotational speed
  • Inviting entrance area
  • Entrance gates for quick access

High milking comfort

  • Short ways
  • Optimal workplace design
  • Comfortable milking routines

Reliability and performance

  • Full system connection
  • Modern control system
  • Reliable drive

High performance for high yield

Full control from a central point

In a herringbone milking parlor, the milker is in the center of the action. There are no obstacles for the milker between the entry and exit of the cows. No additional labor is needed to control or drive cows, for example. A milker is able to operate the entire system alone.

Focus on your cows

All components of the HBR have been designed for the best possible cow traffic. The entrance gate is equipped with extra space. The concept of individual entrance gates ensures careful treatment of each cow. To calm the cows, a gate can also be installed in the exit area.

Geared for growth

Milking rotaries are the best choice if you plan to enlarge your herd. Rotary platforms provide the opportunity for high flow rates and can thus be easily adapted to larger herds without significantly extending the milking time. Further investments in buildings or equipment are not necessary.

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