DeLaval parallel rotary PR2250

If you have a medium to large herd or want to expand, then the PR2250 is the right step. Milk more cows per hour and you get more free time to manage your herd.

  • Even rhythm
  • Greater job satisfaction
  • Higher productivity

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DeLaval parallel rotary PR2250

Key Benefits

Automatic cow flow

Cows are habitual animals. This is very useful for carousel systems. The cows learn the entry and exit routines quickly and are happy to follow them. The low cabin design allows the cows to enter the platform faster and exit more easily. The milkers can concentrate on his or her main tasks. This means you will need less milkers for the same job.

Work routines in the same rhythm

The cows come to the milker at a uniform speed. Therefore, you can work in a steady rhythm that is not so fast that it strains, but not so slowly that it tires. Optimal work routines lead to greater job satisfaction. The benefits: higher productivity and job retention.

Saving of labour

  • Milking cluster cleaning & teat spray robot
  • Optimized cow traffic with DSG10 sorting system

By using different equipment features, it is possible for a milker to operate on its own up to 50 milking stations, with a throughput of 160-200 cows per hour.

Milk more cows in less time

Integrated operations management

Rotary milking systems are also rotary herd management systems. The PR2250 Milking Cabinet is designed as the interface between the latest milking automation, the herd management and the milker. Milking, fertility and mastitis can be monitored as part of your milking routine with animal identification, milk measurement and electrical conductivity recording. You can also group your herd according to their milking time. This will adjust the revolving speed of the rotary so that the cows spend as little time as possible away from their feeding and resting places. The IDD interactive touchscreen allows you to display milking and cuddling data on the screen during milking and make important entries.

Safety comes first

The safety of milker and cow are always in the foreground when designing all our rotary systems. With an emergency stop leash around the entire platform, the milker can quickly stop the platform for whatever reason.

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