DeLaval VMS™ V310

With all the great features of DeLaval VMS™ V300 and the ability to automate pregnancy checks and heat detection during milking with DeLaval RePro™. The VMS V310 provides advantages that will extend to future generations of your herd. With progesterone based sampling and analysis, full pregnancy and heat detection can now be done automatically during the milking process.

  • Automated pregnancy checks
  • Detects silent heats
  • Labour Saving Data
  • Confident decisions made for reproductive performance
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DeLaval VMS™ V310

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DeLaval VMS™ V310

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DeLaval InService™

A security for you, your cows and your milking plant.

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Udder health & hygiene

Teat dips

Good udder hygiene practices should be an important part of the daily milking routine. Using the right udder hygiene products and tools will help you to maximize the effect of the mastitis prevention program.

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DeLaval OptiDuo™ Robotic Feed Refresher

Don’t just push feed, remix it with DeLaval OptiDuo™. Instead of compressing feed, we remix it - making it much more appetizing for cows. Ideal for farms operating a once-per-day feeding frequency.

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At the milking point

DeLaval Clover™ liner

The Clover™ liner from DeLaval is the first liner of its kind. The DeLaval Clover™ liner delivers both gentle milking as well as high performance, unlike other liners which may make you choose between one or the other.

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