Udder Hygiene

Good udder hygiene practices should be an important part of the daily milking routine. Using the right udder hygiene products and tools will help you to maximize the effect of the mastitis prevention program.

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Udder Hygiene



Superior iodine udder wash for pre-milking Teat preparation.

  • Contains skin conditioner
  • Effective premilking microbial control
  • Leaves teats in a “ready to milk” condition


DeLaval Lactofoam combines Cleaning Improvement Technology (CIT) with a patented foaming solution of natural compounds, to optimally clean teats. DeLaval Lactofoam is a patented foaming pre-milking teat cleaner. Thanks to the Cleaning Improvement Technology, CIT™, the power of the foam combined with Lactofoam™ natural cleaning agent synergy offers optimal teat preparation.


An aid for controlling mastitis. Della-Prep is a Chlorhexidine Udder Wash. Use regularly as directed to reduce the mastitis pathogens on cows teats.

  • An excellent Chlorhexadine teat preparation solution
  • A fantastic non iodine teat disinfectant

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