AgFest 2020

Paddock to Cloud

Rural Youth and the Tasmanian Government are delivering AgFest 2020 online from 7th to 28th May and we are proud to bring you our stand online.

At DeLaval we honestly believe that the best place to start your dairying discussion is with us. We understand that all dairy farmers face the same types of challenges whether that be concerning animal welfare and food safety or work efficiency and profitability. DeLaval can deliver a diverse range of fully intergrated solutions designed to address these challenges for you.

What Robotic Milking Could Do for you.

VMS V300

DeLaval VMS™ is all about helping you make dairy farming more personal. More accurate. More profitable.

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High quality, high performance

DeLaval Rotary E100

Everything we have learned over the last 130 years designing, building and installing dairy systems throughout the world applied to the unique challenges of the dairy farmer to create the ultimate rotary.

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The service you need, designed around you.

DeLaval InService All Inclusive

See how InService All Inclusive can provide security for you, your cows and your milking plant.

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AgFest 2020

DeLaval Robotic Milking Solutions


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