Farm Lights

You might think the amount of light in your barn doesn’t matter much. Think again. You can improve cow comfort, herd health and productivity by flicking a light switch.

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DeLaval Farm Light FL250F & FL400F

These farm lights enable you to control barn lighting at the optimum level for lactating cows: 16 hours daylight of 180 lux brightness / eight hours of darkness. Installing lights that provide the correct lux intensity will increase milk yield and cow activity, improve fertility and herd health. Easy to install and to maintain, the lights maybe controlled manually, using light sensors and/or timers or automatically controlled with a Barn System Controller.

  • Improved work environment
  • Increased fertility - Daylight stimulates fertility cycles and cow activity. Active cows show heat more clearly.
  • Improve cows appetite, activity and productivity with increased light levels.
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