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DeLaval calf feeder CF1000

Effective calf feeding and related management can minimise future herd health problems, lower costs, maximise income and create a stable basis for the growth of your business. The optimal approach is to feed your calves often, with small individually adapted portions. This method allows the calves to properly digest their feed, promotes good growth and limits feed wastage.

  • Significant labour savings
  • Increased milk yield with priority control for young calves
  • Lower mortality and morbidity rates
  • Wean the calves gently by gradually reducing the milk rations
  • Calves are not interrupted during feed preparation
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When a calf comes to a feeding station, the CF1000 will prepare the right amount of fresh milk at the right temperature. The feeding station recognises each calf by it's transponder, knows the calf's feeding plan, and knows when and how much it should drink. CF1000 can handle four teats and up to 120 calves. It is available in the combi version in Oceania. The combi version can mix fresh milk, milk powder and water in any combination.

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