Pulsation is the heartbeat of the whole milking system. DeLaval has a range of efficient pulsators designed to meet all needs, from the simplest to the most demanding.

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DeLaval master pulsator DMP500

Designed to fit all types of parlours, these control up to 80 EP100 pulsators. They can be set to alternating or simultaneous pulsation with a wide range of adjustable rates and ratios, suitable for cows, sheep or goats. DeLaval DMP500 provides fully adjustable time-shifted pulsation periods (Rate and Ratios) for stable vacuum conditions and good udder health.

  • Max. 80 pulsators
  • Speed ​​45 - 180 ppm
  • Relative from 30/70 to 70/30

DeLaval pulsator EP100

DeLaval pulsator EP100 works with the DMP master pulsator and offers precise individual pulsation for optimum animal comfort with maximum milking efficiency. A vacuum operated diaphragm means minimal wear while well proven technology offers resistance to temperature, humidity and dirt. It can be used with air filtration in dusty environments.

  • Speed ​​90 - 180 ppm
  • Suitable for all types of milking sites

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