Milk cooling for DeLaval VMS™

DeLaval offers several solutions for optimising milk cooling with automatic milking systems.

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The low milk flow rates in automatic milking systems, working around the clock, can not be cooled using conventional methods. This is where our experience as a complete system provider comes in order to give you perfectly coordinated solutions for voluntary milking (robotic) systems.

Milk cooling for DeLaval VMS™


DeLaval flow controlled cooling FCC

This unique cooling solution for DeLaval voluntary milking system VMS is based on our patented concept of flow controlled cooling. DeLaval VMS notifies the cooling tank of the volume of milk delivered to it, on a real time basis. The tank then adjusts its cooling capacity to suit that milk volume.

DeLaval adaptive flow controlled cooling AFCC

Cooling milk from milking robots can be a challenge, but not for this system. Protecting the quality of your milk, the AFCC is easy to use, robust, reliable. Also, energy consumption is reduced to a minimum.

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