Vacuum system

The vacuum system is one of the key components in your milking system – providing vacuum for efficient milk extraction, milk transport and for effective cleaning of the whole system.

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Vacuum system


DeLaval vacuum pump DVP

This direct-drive vane vacuum pump has no belt. It is reliable, efficient, and safe, with no exposed moving parts, and none of the worries of belt-driven pumps. Operation is more precise and tolerances are reduced, for constant vacuum and smoother running which uses less oil. The silencer/oil reclaimer collects up to 95% of oil for careful disposal and reduces air borne oil particles.

  • Easy installation
  • Reliable performance
  • Efficient operation

DeLaval variable speed drive NFO

The first variable speed drive in the dairy industry with a whisper-silent variable speed drive for vacuum pump – addressing the source of the EMC problem rather than the symptoms.

  • Reduce energy consumption by up to 60%
  • Significant noise reduction, especially during milking
  • User-friendly thanks to display with permanently readable vacuum level and, if required, display of various alarms
  • Pre-installed control with self-calibration function

DeLaval vacuum pump DVP-NFO

DeLaval vacuum pump DVP-NFO is frequency controlled, making it more energy-efficient and quieter than conventional vacuum pumps during milking . Electronic control regulates vacuum levels: constant vacuum at 30% to 50% capacity for milking, full vacuum for cleaning.

  • Energy savings of 30% to 75%
  • Available in different capacities from 900 to 2700 l/ min.

DeLaval vacuum pump LVP

The robust dependable DeLaval LVP is designed for dairy farmers demanding the utmost in performance. With a capacity range of 3000 to 6000 l/min and minimum maintenance requirements, this pump delivers true heavy duty vacuum supply. Built on lobe pump technology, the DeLaval LVP range helps protect the environment because no oil is needed for sealing or lubrication.

  • Longer product life
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Improved efficiency

DeLaval vacuum pump DVP340

A direct-drive vane vacuum pump which is both cost-effective and efficient. Thanks to modern vacuum technology, it provides constant vacuum and smooth running. The DVP340 can produce 340 litres per minute.

DeLaval vacuum regulator MVR

This unit reacts quickly to the slightest vacuum changes thanks to a unique and patented valve design. The result is a stable vacuum level which results in good udder health. The air is filtered improving the life of the vacuum pump DeLaval MVR can be equipped with an optional silencer. Its capacity ranges up to 4,000 l/min for a single unit and up to 12,000 l/min with 1 or 2 optional dependent pumps.

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