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DeLaval teat spray robot TSR

This is one of the first automatic post-spray solutions for farmers with parallel rotaries - providing an accurate, optimal and consistent method for applying teat spray after milking.

  • Cuts labour costs dramatically for quick ROI
  • Simple, consistent, accurate application
  • Optimised consumption of teat spray and high precision of the spray activity
  • High capacity of up to 9 seconds per cow or 400 cows per hour
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DeLaval teat spray robot TSR

Key Benefits

Consistent application

Sprays teats in exactly the same way each time, ensuring a calm and predictable atmosphere in which cows thrive. This consistent application provides the best opportunity to significantly reduce the risk of infection.

High efficiency

As a stand-alone unit for external milking rotaries, the teat spray robot helps control mastitis. Advanced technology contributes to the robot’s speed and application precision – serving up to 400 cows/hour.

Smooth, reliable operation

Positioned on the outside of the rotating platform, using advanced cameras on a robotic arm to locate and spray each cow’s teats as they pass. Software identifies the individual cow and its teat positioning via a Time of Flight (TOF) camera, ensuring correct application of the teat spray solution. It is also equipped with a safety system, to help prevent accidents to personnel and livestock. The TSR is engineered for harsh working conditions and does not require a connection to the milking system’s management program.

Compatible with DeLaval teat spray products

Extensively tested with several DeLaval teat spray products that have been optimised for use with it, providing superior bacteria killing and teat-conditioning properties.

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