“The added benefit we didn't fully appreciate is how positive automation is to our people"

Mat & Sue Daubney are the third generation of Mat's family farming at Bannister Downs in Western Australia. They are milking through a DeLaval AMR as they saw this as the next generation of their family business and process all their milk on their farm. They have an understanding that automation isn't about having less people on farm, it is about them being more productive with their time.

Bannister Downs


Bannister Downs




“It is a really positive thing to be part of an automatic milking system.”

Bannister Downs have found the AMR to really open up the engagement from their team because of the automation. They have opened up their facility to the public and want people to come and embrace dairy farming to see what it is about.



Since Mat & Sue have installed the AMR system, they have found it has allowed them to return to individual attention on cows, as you are actually milking 4 quarters now - so the focus is on what is really happening with that cow.

“We are doing things all the time in our business to improve animal welfare, and as a dairy farmer I can do that, as I understand cows”

“The added benefit we didn't fully appreciate is how positive automation is to our people"

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Learn more about the DeLaval solutions that helps Mat, Sue and their team increase their productivity and improve animal welfare on their farm.


DeLaval Automatic Milking Rotary AMR™

DeLaval Automatic Milking Rotary - AMR™ is the latest in rotary technology. Having five task-specific hydraulic robots it enables you to achieve up to 1,600 fully automatic milkings every day. DeLaval AMR™ is designed to meet your farm management needs.

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