“We always keep coming back to DeLaval because of the ongoing support and the training offered.”

Jason Chilcott took the farm over from his parents 10 years ago, making him a 4th generation dairy farmer. Their home farm was running smoothly, so he decided he needed a challenge in his run-off block and implemented the VMS robotic milking system with DeLaval.

Jason Chilcott

Meander, Australia

Jason Chilcott


Friesian Mix




Jason was initially nervous about the computer aspect of the system, but after a training course with DeLaval it was smooth sailing. He found the installation process problem-free and the system easy to adapt to.

Chilcott Farm.jpg

Jason has seen a difference in his cows’ health since introducing the robotic milking system. “Our cows are very quiet with the 24 hour system,” he says. “They come and go as they please so there’s no pressure on the cows, and they’re just very relaxed and they seem to want to be milked.”

“I had a silly little idea in my head that developed into where we are today.”

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