“I think robot farming is the way to go, it opens up so many opportunities for smaller farms.”

Malcolm Hick manages 150 cows on his farm. When his milking system from the 1970s began to fall apart, he decided it was time to upgrade to robotic milking systems and look into the future.

Malcolm Hick

Denmark, Australia

Malcolm Hick


Mixed Holstein and Jersey




Malcolm spent 2 years researching robotic milking systems, but was initially hesitant. “The biggest drawback or worry was the technology and learning the technology, and changing your whole farming system,” he says. After he decided to install the VMS, his worries went away. “We’re at least one labour cost person down in our operation,” he says. “The cows are definitely in better condition since I started milking with the robots.”

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But for father of 2 Malcolm, a huge benefit is the freedom and flexibility having the robotic systems affords him. “The main advantage is certainly more family time. Be able to be there when the kids go to school, put them on the school bus, watch their sport, that sort of thing.”

“I can do the same amount of work but I can do it when I want to do it.”

“I think robot farming is the way to go, it opens up so many opportunities for smaller farms.”

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DeLaval compact chiller CWC15-A

The DeLaval Compact Chiller CWC15-A is designed to help the farmer meet more stringent cooling regulations. This promotes food safety by locking in the quality of your milk before it goes into the tank. DeLaval compact water chiller CWC15-A provides a nominal cooling capacity of 15KW.

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