“The V300 is a real game changer in terms of the level of technology available to farmers.”

Nick & Bek Dornauf milk 600 cows on Gala Farm. Their voluntary milking system brings flexibility and freedom to the way they farm, prolongs the life span of their cows, and is getting the next generation excited about the dairy industry.

Gala Farm

Quamby Brook, Australia

Gala Farm






"People often comment when they visit our farm about how relaxed the cows are, how happy they are," Bek says.

The couple has been robotic farming for ten years, and recently upgraded its Gala Farm robotic system to eight VMS V300 robotic milk stations. "You can see they've really been designed with cow comfort in mind," says Nick.

The whole system relies on a voluntary grazing system. "The V300 in a voluntary environment is really well suited to pasture-based dairy farming with high levels of grazed pasture as part of the diet," says Nick. The farm is achieving less than 1% incomplete rate with cows producing more than 38kg per day and are in and out of the VMS V300 in just over six minutes.


And after a decade of robotic milking, herd manager Bek says she can see clear animal welfare benefits from a voluntary system.

"We can compare cows that live on our robotic farm to our conventional farms - and I definitely have an older average herd size, it absolutely increases their life span."

"It's giving you a tool to change how you operate as a dairy farmer."

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