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DeLaval Herd Navigator™

Herd Navigator is an advanced analysis system that accurately identifies every dairy cow in need of special attention, and gives you clear information on what action you can take. The early and specific attention alerts enable fast action: improving reproduction, production efficiency, animal welfare and food safety.

  • Early detection
  • Precise analytics
  • Proactive herd management

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DeLaval Herd Navigator™

Key Benefits

Successful reproduction

Herd Navigator™ automatically measures the level of progesterone in milk, informing you when the cows is in heat, when they are pregnant, if there is an early embryonic losses and which cows have abnormal ovarian structures such as cysts.

Manage disease at an early stage

Herd Navigator™ automatically measures lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) in the milk. The enzyme LDH is highly correlated to somatic cell counts early in new infections and is closely linked to the presence of mastitis. Levels of LDH rise rapidly when a new infection begins. Measuring LDH with Herd Navigator™ results in detecting an infection before it is visible to the human eye.

Feeding and energy balance

Herd Navigator™ is automatically monitoring the BHB – beta hydroxybutyrate in the milk in the first 60 days after calving, focusing on the cows at risk of ketosis, allowing you to act early and prevent a loss in milk production and increased veterinary costs.

Focus on the right cow, at the right time, with the right treatment.

Herd Navigator™ allows you to monitor your cows by exception through your computer reducing the need for physical monitoring three times a day. The time saved can be used for other management activities.

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