DeLaval cleaning and control solutions

DeLaval cleaning and control solutions for milk cooling tanks, are built with you in mind. Our wide range of user-friendly solutions can clean your tank powerfully with just the push of a button.

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DeLaval cleaning and control solutions


DeLaval cleaning and control unit T10S (standalone)

The stand-alone version of the DeLaval T10S cleaning and control unit is ideal for existing tanks. It is a great choice if you want to keep your existing milk cooling tank, but still enjoy the benefits of the latest standard cleaning and control unit.

  • Stand-alone cleaning unit
  • Suitable for existing tanks

DeLaval cleaning and control unit T200

The DeLaval T200 is the leader in cleaning technology. Compared to other circulation cleaning systems on the market, it reduces cleaning water consumption by 46%, detergent consumption by 43% and cleaning time by up to 60%. Its display is convenient and easy to use

  • Low water consumption
  • Microprocessor controlled

DeLaval cooling controller T3

Gives you full control over the daily operation of your cooling tank. This innovative unit controls the milk temperature, stirring and cooling time according to today's high standards. The unit can be mounted on the wall in the milk room.

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