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DeLaval is a technology leader offering Integrated Milking Solutions and Consumables for dairy farms that improve the performance of farms for professional milk producers. Our products, solutions and services are designed to enable dairy farmers around the world to produce more milk more efficiently. This means using less natural resources and limiting their operations' impact on the environment whilst maintaining a healthy profit margin.

We provide highly efficient and automated solutions for milking, herd management, animal traffic control, feeding, cooling, manure handling, ventilation and cow and calf care.

  • Part of Tetra Laval Group
  • Twice the size of biggest competitor
  • Our own dairy farm and dedicated R&D facility at Tumba, Sweden since 1901
  • Market leader since 130 years

DeLaval in India celebrating 25 years

DeLaval's Core Commitment

A dairy farmer and his cows have a unique, symbiotic relationship. The well-being of cows is the key to a dairy farmer's prosperity. DeLaval understands this perfectly, which is why its operational focus has great simplicity and clarity – Nourish and Flourish. DeLaval's dairy solutions are qualitatively and commercially designed and customized to nourish cows and ensure dairy farmers flourish. Here's how -

  • Cow-friendly DeLaval

    • animal comfort
    • stress-free
    • pain-free milking
    • longer productive life
    • calf-care
  • Farmer-friendly DeLaval

    • better quality milking
    • more milk
    • time saving
    • labour saving
    • cost saving
    • farm profitability
    • service-reach and efficiency
    • one-stop solution
    • peace of mind
    • global quality made for India
    • longer machine life
    • user friendly


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