I opted for DeLaval’s Speedline system because it mechanized my entire milking operation and the size and price of the set-up suited me perfectly. It’s completely hassle-free and DeLaval has helped every step of the way. I have already recovered my investment and the best part is the set-up can be upgraded at any time.

Iqbal Singh Dairy Farm in Moga, Punjab started operations in 2008 with 10 Holstein animals as a side business apart from the family’s traditional occupation of agricultural farming. Today, courtesy DeLaval they have a herd of 95 and produce around 1400 litres of milk every day.


Punjab, India






“Breeding allows us to have a high milk yield and we can give our animals Total Mixed Rations (TMR) using DeLaval TMR Wagon even with just 50 animals.  We also focus on the milk quality. DeLaval Speedline Parlour has helped us achieve and exceed our milk quality goals. Mastitis cases in our herd have also decreased to a great extent and since we take many measures to keep our animals healthy using different DeLaval products, the somatic cell count in milk has also dropped drastically,” says Iqbal Singh, “With DeLaval Speedline Parlour, milking time is quick and efficient and animals are also quite happy.”


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